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Knowledge of corporate tax preparation is a key skill to have for any accountant looking to make the next step in his or her career. Many students are taught the theory behind corporate tax at University. They learned notable topics such as Capital Cost Allowance, Refundable Dividend Tax On Hand, Capital Dividend Account, and the list goes on. However, what we have noticed is that when it comes to applying these topics and preparing a tax return from top to bottom, they have difficulties.

Majority of Chartered Accounting (CA) and Certified General Accounting (CGA) firms use TaxPrep. Having experience and condifence in Corporate TaxPrep will make you more marketable in today’s competitive job market. It will significantly increase your chances of landing an interview and land a job.


Our TaxPrep Corporate course goes beyond just teaching students on how to use Tax Prep. We have used are extensive background in corporate tax preparation to design real life case simulations, which our students will have an opportunity to go through in our class. Our students will follow along on their laptops as we demonstrate our “7 Step Approach” to Corporate Tax Preparation. In this process we will cover everything from filling out your client’s info, GIFI schedules, Schedule 1 Additions and Deductions, Corporate Dividends, Corporate Donations, Capital Cost Allowance, Capital Gains, Capital Dividend Account, Reserves, Ontario Tax, Admin Matters along with many more topics.

In addition, our students will also have an opportunity to try another real-life simulation case all by themselves, while our instructors provide supervision. This we believe, will give students an opportunity to put into practice what they have learned and become more familiar with our “7-step approach”. The beauty of these cases are that they contain all the notable corporate tax topics that an entry level accountant will face, so you could be confident going into the field.

Moreover, we have designed a third case called Blue Optical, which is very similar to a tax assignment one would see in a small to mid-sized accounting firm and thus at a greater difficulty. We provide this case along with the solutions to our students to attempt at home.

We are big believers in excellent customer service, at the end of every class we provide resume tips and allow a student to re-attend a corporate tax class free of charge! We are also more than happy to help answer any questions you may have as you practice our cases at home.


We train students using Corporate TaxPrep (c). Corporate TaxPrep is “canada’s most comprehensive T2 tax return software program for preparing federal and provincial tax forms and tools designed to simplify complex preparation requirements” and it is used by most Chartered Accounting (CA) and Certified General Accounting (CGA) Firms in Canada.

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  1. Overview of the Corporate Taxation system in Canada (Overview)
  2. How to Navigate through Canadian Corporate Tax Prep
  3. 7-Step Approach to preparing Canadian Corporate tax return
  4. Walkthrough of ABC Incorporated - case #1
  5. Administrative Matters
  6. Tax Planning Discussion
  7. Q&A Session
  8. Resume Tips and Critique