About Us

Who we are

HTK Consulting is an organization that is devoted to advancing the education and career of accounting students. In today’s competitive accounting industry, in order to land a job at accounting firms, one must first have a strong knowledge of technical accounting concepts and must be able to put that understanding to practice.

We provide free accounting technical summaries (in plain, easy to understand English) that can be used by anyone (whether you are a university student, a Chartered Accounting (CA) student studying for the UFE, or an accountant researching a tax topic ) to stay current with the latest accounting, assurance, and tax standards.

What separates a good candidate from a great candidate is one who can use this knowledge and put it into working practice. For instance, knowing the tax law doesn’t mean anything if you do not know how to file a tax return.

To help students better market themselves and utilize their full potential, our instructors have used their experience to design all-encompassing, real-life case simulations. We then teach our students how to do these cases using the he most widely used accounting software in today’s accounting industry. We have received positive feedback from all of our students ranging from university students to experienced managers; who all say they walked away from our courses as better accountants.

Our compliance team headed by Seher provide accounting services to clients. Our services include: Personal Tax Preparation (T1), Corporate Tax Preparation (T2), and Bookkeeping and Financial Statement preparation.